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Friday, February 27, 2015

Worthy the Lamb [Live]

It Is Finished [Live]

The King Is Coming [Live]

I Believe in a Hill Called Mount Calvary [Live]

Sometimes I Cry [Live]

I Can't Even Walk [Live]

Master of the Wind [Live]

The McKameys -- God On The Mountain

PROPHETIC ALERT - Why are My people afraid?

Prophetic Alert


February 21st, 2015 - From The Den

Why are My people afraid? Why do My people shake at the sight of giants? Where is the spirit of Caleb? Where is the spirit of Joshua that would stand up and say we are well able to take the land? I listen to the north of America, to the central and the south of America and all I hear are the sounds of fear. Where are My people that would stand up without fear and say the land is set before us? This President is supposed to do what he's doing, though many are insulted. The reason that he's done the "right thing" is because I will show Myself. America will not save the world. This nation has been called to righteousness but while men stand in the White House and they would betray the truths and the foundation of this nation, I will not give them the privilege of bringing down the forces of hell. I shall take Israel again and they shall discover four things up through the summer and they will expose what is happening in the White House. And God says, they even will bring justice. But I will bring out a secret and I will fight Myself and ISIS shall begin to tremble at the sound of the trumpet of the Lord Most High! Blow the trumpet!
Do you hear the sound of the trumpet? Do you hear the sound of the trumpet? Blow the trumpet in Zion for I shall arise in Zion, says the Lord.
There are spirits of just men made perfect that have prayed for this day. The fear that has come is a stench to Me. Israel has been rejected, but not by the Lord God of Israel. It is for Me to send My words and My life to Israel. What you must be careful of, says the Lord, is not the war, but the peace. For Israel and the Middle East has always had war, much war. But in March, when things change in Israel, it shall bring upon a peace for a season - but this is destructive peace. And during that time, great prophets shall arise from the earth and they shall stand and reveal. These are not prophets that are necessarily in the religious organizations, but prophets like I chose - Netanyahu, Rudy Giuliani. Oh, you may mock him but I made him a watchman in this country. The hatred for this nation has increased but I will not allow ISIS to take the young men of this nation whom I have planned to be My spokesmen and use them, says the Lord.
I shall send My prophet to Israel when they vote and God says, there shall be a change and many will weep but I will take Netanyahu, whether ruler or not, and they shall call to him, for he is not just a king, he is a prophet. Therefore, tremble when peace treaties begin, for God says at that point, you shall know that I look from My heavens and that which has kept Me back shall begin to be fulfilled. All the words of the prophets that have been spoken through the centuries shall be fulfilled and shall begin to be fulfilled quickly. Study the Word, says the Lord. Study to show yourself approved. And when these things happen, rejoice, for your redemption draws nigh. I will not allow My people to fall but I will bring light, light, light into Iraq; I will bring light into Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, yes, Syria and Iran - a massive revival that will affect China and will affect Russia as well. And Putin shall have no control, for what I shall do - I will slay him, says the Lord! This day has come for vengeance.
Therefore you say, how can this President have done what is right? You call it right? God says, he is a pawn; he is standing to teach My people a lesson for when I raise up the sound of love and light and victory for My nation again, they shall look back and say, "What in the hell did we do? What did we do to Israel?" But I shall retrieve it and place a David who shall be a burning bush in the White House to bring fire and revival to this nation and to South America and to Central America and to Canada and to many nations and throughout Europe. As they begin to hate My people more they shall go and they shall go back to Israel to their land and then fire shall burn in Israel, more fire than ever before, and the people will know I, the Lord, have intervened and made this happen, says the Lord.

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Daily Alert for 02/27/2015




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